In 2013, a former professional world title boxer, nurturing a simple desire to share his love for boxing, founded Prestige Fight.
Initially emerging from the Kickboxing discipline, Djamel Yacouben had rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in the sport.
Many meetings, and after a great deal of time later, he has emerged with a name in the world of sports promotion: beginning as a Promoter with the organization of public galas, and then finally private galas.
Promoting at prestigious venues he seeks to restore boxing to its former nobility and give it a new dimension. For this, each evening is associated with a theme: Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties, the Venetian Ball, The Casino…Thus each evening takes on a unique character.
He is charged not only with enhancing the sport and promoting the image of France internationally, but also with drawing attention to the complexities and hardships of the boxing profession:

“”It is not always very apparent, but for boxers, the sacrifices are enormous, without much recognition, and sometimes, none at all, both at the human and financial level. In France, it’s more noticeable in this field compared with other disciplines, so our work is cut out, and with Prestige Fight I strive every day with energy and commitment to deliver this. I’ve put things on hold to see this project through and I’m no quitter, that’s just me, I have a fighter’s outlook. These are the values I want to share.”