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The Prestige Fight association aims to promote Muay-Thai boxing, an ancient martial art, which is still unknown to the general public.

Achieving this ambitious goal, requires action on several fronts :

  • The organization sof international boxing gala evenings, in order to enhance the image conveyed by this sport,

  • The production of professional sports reports to inform the general public of the values and assets (advantages) of these disciplines,

  • The animation of sthe training courses in Thailand , allowing to discover or improve the Muay Thai boxing level,

  • The intensive training of boxers and the match-making.

The passion for Muay thai and the enthusiasm of Djamel Yacouben have greatly contributed to the development and success of this appealing project.

Prestige Fight gives young hopefuls, the opportunity to train and perform.

Its strength lies in its ability to identify new talents, to accompany them, train them, give them the chance to show their value in a ring.

The association also accompanies the fighters, it promotes and coaches them around the world and offers them the opportunity to measure their combativeness in international combats.

In addition, Prestige Fight spreads its know-how, so that the boxers of the moment, face future French champions.

Prestige Fight, promoteur de galas d'exception mettant à l'honneur la boxe Muay Thaï
Djamel Yacouben président de Prestige Fight promoteur de Muay Thaï

The association « Prestige Fight » was founded in 2013 by Djamel Yacouben.
World-renowned Muay-Thai boxer, Wako Pro Kick Boxing champion in 1997, Djamel Yacouben is the USKBA World Champion.

Today he is a proven (experienced) promoter, he is also the official representative of the WFKB (Muay Thai, Japanese Kickboxing and K1).
His perfect knowledge of this discipline, of the national and international boxers, the AFMT are the founding upholders of Prestige Fight.

Carrying out these ambitious missions requires, multiple talents and skills.
This is why the organization of Prestige Fight was attached around these poles:



The management, represented by Djamel Yacouben, oversees all stakeholders (speakers) and manages the contracts with national and international boxers. Privileged interlocutor (middleman), Djamel ensures a quality follow-up of the processes, in order to maintain a very high level of excellence. His personal and professional qualities, his accomplished sports network, allow him to distinguish himself.

Hadj B.

Public Relations Officer

Key pillar of boxing Muay-Thai, Hadj Bettahar is the representative of France and Europe, of the WBC. An expert in guidance and match-making, he worked for the biggest promoters Songchai in Thailand, Ishii Kazuyoshi in Japan, Samy Kebchi in France. Today, he chose Djamel Yacouben and Prestige Fight.

Benoît C.

Secretary general

Benoît is responsible for the overall development of the association. He manages the administration, accounting and legal divisions. In addition, he keeps track of the schedules, of the various service providers, in order to respect the deadlines and to guarantee high quality services.

Sonia H.


Sonia is in charge of the marketing, that is to say, to develop the growing reputation of Prestige Fight.
She is also in charge of quality monitoring, so that Prestige Fight always meets the expectations of its members and partners.

Rémi S.

Design & Communication

Rémi takes part in the tasks related to the graphic design and the communication of the company. From the design of various media to help in the development of PRESTIGE FIGHT projects, he ensures that the artistic direction is adapted to different media.

M. Fezzani

Public relations

A proven (experienced) businessman, Mr Fezzani is in charge of inter-company relations. Business Angel, he detects and promotes innovative projects that will mark their field of activity.