League of Gladiators Thailand VS France

On 5th December 2014, on the occasion of these great festivities, in honor of the king, the “Pattaya World Boxing Stadium”, temple of boxing in Thailand, welcomed this “opus” of the League of Gladiators of Muay-Thai.

Djamel Yacouben, experienced promoter, brilliantly exported the “Made in France” to the kingdom of Siam.

This exceptional gala has especially highlighted the fundamental values of Muay Thai boxing : respect and fraternity.

Thailand vs France, saw 7 Thai, Muay-Thai boxers , face 7 Frenchmen in battles full of courage and a spirit of fierce competition

To note, the poster opposing Cyril Bonye vs Sebastien Favre qwho both compete for the title of world champion WBC.

By organizing a championship of this scale in unknown territory, Prestige Fight has raised a real challenge by proposing a grand show skilfully orchestrated.

This major event in Thailand has attracted and delighted audiences from around the world.

Les organisateurs de la "Ligue des Gladiateurs" à pattaya : Prestige Fight, Djamel Yacouben
Coupure de presse évoquant le gala organisé par Prestige Fight à Pattaya
Les boxeurs combattant lors du gala organisé par Prestige Fight à Pattaya