An incredible place :

For almost a century, the majestic Wagram room has embraced the fate of boxing.

In order to get a hold of a first boxing fight in front of an audience, we have to go back to the beggining of the 20th century. Prestigious place with its chandeliers and its balconies, the Wagram is one of those spots in which some of the most wonderful parts of French and English boxing history has been written. There are have been a lot of battles until the late 80’s with so many legends crossing the path of this iconic place such as Marcel Cerdan, Georges Carpentier, Charles Charlemont, Victor Castérès just to name a few.

All Star muay thaï in  Wagram
Prestige Fight présente Wagram II, gala de boxe muay thai

An unusual evening :

On the 26th of January 2017, PRESTIGE FIGHT threw the first ever ALL STAR MUAY-THAÏ gala at Wagram and turned this place into an incredible living sanctuary for Muay-Thaï.

It’s in this beautiful setting that the audience has been able to watch and support the seven boxing fights occurring between professionnals fighters while drinking and eating in a joyful atmosphere.

Fight Card

  • Fabio Pinca VS Chaidi Abdo
  • Bobo Sacko VS Lekkrathok Thonchai
  • Antony Defretin VS Mohamed Kariche
  • Ben Hodge VS Issam Reghi
  • Thibault Valentin VS Yunes Benabdelouahed
  • Kevin Renahy VS Gaetan Dambo
  • Bouazza Mohamed VS Ouadkla Jakkrit

The invitees were able to enjoy :

  • a personal greeting
  • a photoshoot
  • a welcome cocktail in the Montenotte room
  • animation : Dj, musicians, magicians and close-up
  • professional boxing fights
  • a dinner show.
Prestige Fight présente all star muay thaï dans la belle salle  Wagram
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